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How Satan Influences Our Lives From A to Z — Hemet

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Discover Hidden Spiritual Truth Inside Yourself

HEMET, California – A new book written by Evangelist
Carroll Baughman helps shed light on the spiritual path to
freedom.  The concise, informative twelve-chapter book
“How Satan Influences Our Lives From A-Z”
( ) describes the subtle ways
that many dark unseen forces affect our everyday lives including
disappointment, oppression, conflict and rejection. 
Baughman hopes to share her powerful, life changing
teachings with people all over the world.  Today many people
are being negatively influenced by one or more of the ways
outlined in her book.  The book is meant to illuminate
those seeking answers to some of life’s many challenges,
Baughman said.  She was encouraged by her husband and
daughter to write and share her God given talents.  Many people
who sit under her teachings on the influences of Satan,
via their worldwide teleconference bible study, benefited
greatly and their lives have changed dramatically in a very short time.
Baughman wants to help others with her book, by “equipping
the saints for the return of Christ, by feeding them
information that will challenge them to examine
themselves.”  “Bible prophecy tells us that Jesus Christ is soon to
return and for those who believe, my book is ideal for
the preparation of His return,” said Baughman.
The book may be purchased on the web at:  and retails for
$17.00 in the US and $23.00 for Canadians.